Advertising On Facebook

A key element to your real estate business in this technology-driven world is having an effective digital media presence. One portion of digital media is your professional Facebook business page.

You can create your Facebook business page using your personal Facebook handle. This page is an extension of you and your real estate business. Your goal should be to post regular and relevant content, always providing value to your clients and prospects – both buyers and sellers. Always keep both audiences in mind.

Your page should illuminate you as the local real estate expert and it should reflect this with valuable content and insight.

In terms of advertising your page on Facebook, you will see that there’s lots of versatility. Facebook has become an advertising juggernaut.  In addition to being very cost-effective (you can advertising for as little as $5 a day), Facebook advertising is also highly targeted. You are able to handpick the geographic areas, as well as the demographic based upon interest, i.e., real estate, home buying, home selling, etc.

Once a viewer clicks on the ad, you have the ability to direct them to somewhere else, be it your Facebook page, or a targeted landing page, reflecting your advertisement. This page should always prompt to capture their contact information. This way, you have the ability to take the lead offline and turn it into business.

Ads can be directed to buyers or to sellers, keeping in mind that sellers are always more valuable than buyers, as you can secure buyers from the seller listings. We always like listings better – especially in this market!

Here are a couple of suggested ad ideas for consideration –

–  Everyone likes a deal – structure your ad around some type of deal – 20% of your commission back to the buyer– if sale is over $200K, you can offer them $1,000 back, or something of the like.

–  On the listing side, you can charge them 4% or 4.5% instead of the standard 6% commission.  The offer would have to be something that would make them want to give you their contact information to learn more.

Keep in mind, you always want to get back to them quickly if a lead comes through – remember to seize the moment, as in this day and age, people move on to the next opportunity rather quickly.

All that being said, Facebook is a great place to be, even if you’re not advertising on the channel. It provides a way for people to have a more personal experience with you, compared to just viewing listings on third party sites like Zillow or Trulia.

If you need additional assistance with creating your ad or landing page, get in touch with me and I am happy to refer you to someone who can get it done cost-effectively.

Questions? Reach out to me at [email protected] or 727.888.4175. I am here to help!