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The Coronavirus and Real Estate: COVID-19 Addendum, Disclosure & Support

At this point no matter who you are, we have all heard of the COVID19 pandemic sweeping the world.  By now, most Florida REALTORS® have also heard of the Florida contract documents that have been created to go along with this pandemic – the COVID19 Contract Extension Addendum and the COVID19 In-Person Access Acknowledgement Disclosure.  Here we […]


Article Written by: Phil Fricke, REALTOR®, Dalton Wade Real Estate Group Strength…to Downturn, to …?… That the corona virus pandemic has brought the U.S. economy to a near standstill is incontrovertible.  Economic growth was strong up to the COVID-19 shutdown.  Recently reported employment statistics showing tens of millions of citizens applying for unemployment is but a precursor […]

The Coronavirus and Real Estate: Safety Tips & Financial Assistance Information

The 2020 buying and selling spring market started out very strong across the board, especially down here in Florida.  Multiple offers were quite common and additional inventory was getting ready to hit the market.  Then the coronavirus reared its ugly head, creating a situation in America that is completely unprecedented – never before has our economy been […]

Working With Buyers: Setting Up Property Searches & Coordinating Your First Showings!

So you’re a brand new licensed real estate agent – congratulations! Maybe you have just joined your first brokerage and are ready to hit the ground running.  Or maybe you’re about to join one but are still weighing your options (check out the rest of our site www.joindaltonwade.com to learn more about what we offer)! More […]

Understanding the Difference Between the “As-Is” and “Non As-Is” FAR/BAR Residential Purchase Contracts

For residential real estate purchases, there are 2 different contracts used in the state of Florida. There is the FAR/BAR “As-Is” Contract for Sale and Purchase and the FAR/BAR Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase (more commonly known as the “Non As-Is” Contract to us agents). Both are approved by the Florida Association of Realtors […]

Our Leads Program!

We know we have told you before that Dalton Wade is a different kind of brokerage – one focused on helping you grow your business by providing a full support brokerage with cutting edge programs at an astonishingly low monthly and transactional fee, all while you keep 100% of your own commission.  We think it is […]

Why Join Us? – Dalton Wade Real Estate Group

Hello potential agents of Dalton Wade! We are BACK in action on the blog front!  Since it has been a while since our last blog post, we are going to kick things off by telling you first why you should join the 415 agents who already call Dalton Wade Real Estate Group home.  After this, we will […]