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Prospecting for Withdrawn, Expired and FSBO Listings

There are a few prospecting activities that real estate agents can do routinely that will make a huge impact on their business. Unfortunately, although they are simple, they are tasks that most agents hate to do. They’re prospecting withdrawn, expired and FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner). But, if you invest a little bit of your […]

15 Must Know Open House Tips

Some agents may think that Open Houses don’t produce results, but they are actually a great way to gain exposure for your sellers and also an opportunity to find buyers! How can you get more traffic through the door? What do you do when someone visits your Open House? Keep reading to get 15 must […]

Converting Internet Leads to Closed Transactions

All successful business models have a foundation, an anchor. In real estate, this is an agents CRM program. It holds everything- contacts, to-do’s, property alerts, landing pages, etc. Do you have one? If you do, do you utilize it? Let’s discover how important your CRM is converting internet leads to closed transactions. The Basics: There […]

Seller’s Disclosure 101

There are many ways to protect and help your clients to ensure a smooth real estate transaction. One way to do this is to use a seller’s disclosure, whether you’re representing the buyer or seller. Let’s dive deeper into why you need one and how to execute one correctly! What is the seller’s disclosure? Simply […]

How to Effectively Prospect FSBO

Similar to prospecting withdrawn & expired listings, many realtors overlook prospecting FSBO’s. But they are actually a great way to get listings. Let’s dive into how you can contact them, what you can offer them and what to expect when prospecting FSBO’s. How A FSBO Can Market Their House When a person lists their house, […]

Win More Offers – Offer Checklist

It’s shocking how many real estate agents just aren’t prepared when drafting up an offer for their clients. And, in this market, you need to stand out – in a good way. This week’s training is all about the steps you need to take in order to prepare a great offer that gets accepted! Step […]