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Home Staging For Success: 5 Must-Know Tips

Did you know buyers are most drawn to living rooms and kitchens in homes? Yes – these spaces count and can be a deal breaker if not staged well. Home staging is the spin on interior design in real estate where the entire purpose is to highlight the very best of your sellers’ home. This […]

Loan Pre-Approval: Why It Matters Before Showing Your Buyer Properties or Placing Offers

A lot of buyers question why you, as their realtor, ask them for a loan pre-approval letter before placing an offer for them or better yet, before agreeing to even show them properties. This is actually a very smart move as an agent. This is truly for the benefit of the buyer. Here is the low […]

ZOCCAM – Making Transactions Even Easier!

Our friends at Turner Title are making transactions even easier! Gone are the days of driving to the title company to drop off Earnest Money or coaching a buyer through sending their first wire. Now, you can submit Earnest Money with a SNAP. Turner Title has just integrated ZOCCAM into their portfolio. ZOCCAM is available […]

LinkedIn & Real Estate: Top Things To Know Now

LinkedIn is the one social network that is truly designed for business. Missing out on placing your business, your brand – whatever it may be – on this network, is missing the boat for leads and overall brand awareness. Not only is it a free way to stay “top-of-mind” it’s also highly effective, but only […]