Tip Tuesday: How To Prepare For A Home Inspection

Here are some great tips on how to prepare your Seller for a Home Inspection

• If home is empty, leave utilities on and pilot lights lit
• Make sure electrical sockets, light fixtures, switches and fans work
• Confirm smoke and carbon monoxide detectors operate
• Check that faucets and toilets run properly and don?t leak
• Clean stove and over so they won’t smoke and set off alarm when tested
• Verify doors and windows open and close and all hardware works
• Clear obstructions around furnace, water heaters and attic access
• Leave keys for outbuildings and exterior electrical boxes
• Remove brush and debris from exterior inspection points
• Gather documentation for renovations or repairs that have been made
• Provide sketch showing location of septic tank and well
• Remove or crate pets
• Plan to be away for three hours minimum
• Consider having home pre-inspected so you can fix problems before the official inspection

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