Why You Should (Really) Use Your CRM – BoomTown

Your CRM aka customer relations management system is the key to staying in front of your customer. Staying in front of your customer equals lead conversion. How can you stay in front of your customer with use of the CRM? Well, to start you need to actually use it. It’s easy to say that you’d prefer not to, or you have your own way of keeping track of your customers. Unfortunately, our own way can sometimes lead to human error. Human error, yes – we are all human – it happens a lot. But, when it’s the reason you missed out on a potential sale, you will want to hand yourself over to the CRM and immediately. Here at Dalton Wade, the CRM we use is BoomTown. BoomTown is Real estate software with expert lead generation, IDX websites, intelligent CRM, lead management services and more. The first step is to familiarize yourself with BoomTown by taking our training. We offer live training and on-demand options. Remember, it’s not that it’s challenging to learn a new CRM or use one for the first time, it’s that it is just something to get used to. Think of it this way: you’ll be using BoomTown each and every day now. It will become a part of your routine. When we start to implement something like BoomTown in our routine – our steps for success- we ultimately get used to it. Once we are used to it, we can take advantage of the powerful things it will offer us. Here’s a few of thing thins you can look forward to getting used to:

Adding All of Your Leads into BoomTown – It’s simple…you just add a lead and the lead will receive a welcome e-mail. Buyer or seller!

Set up leads on Property Searches Just as you’ve done in your MLS, you can set your lead up on a property search based on their web activity.

Send Bulk/Texts and e-mails This is the fun part! E-mail or text multiple customers at once, with clever templates that are designed to get your lead to talk with you and ask questions.

Create your Own Text/Email Templates

Send your customers the app version of your Dalton Wade Website The Home Search Now App is available for your leads to sign in on the app version of your DW site! This makes it even easier for them to search for homes.

Automate your marketing with Smart Drip Plans Come to our BoomTown training to learn more about how to automate your marketing with the powerful tool that turns leads into sales!

Dalton Wade is a real estate brokerage business disruptor, think of us like Uber, Amazon or AirB&B as a company who is thinking outside the traditional real estate brokerage box to deliver to you the “Real Estate Agent” better technology, leads, training and support at a fraction of the cost of what most brokerages charge their agents! We provide you with all the tools you need to function effectively in an ever-increasing digital real estate world. We are a 100% Commission Brokerage, with over 1,000 Florida based real estate agents. Our base package starts at $79/month & $79/transaction.