Mine Your Sphere of Influence:

Let everyone (your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, hair dresser, nail technician, car mechanic, past clients, etc) know that you started with a new brokerage and are more than happy to assist them with their real estate needs. You never know who might want to buy or sell, or maybe they know someone that does!

Community Involvement:

Get involved at your local church, HOA group, or volunteer for a cause to meet leads for free organically- leads see this as less of a sales pitch.

Hand Out Business Cards:

Try to hand out a few cards every day (while in line at a coffee shop, leave them at your nail salon’s counter, etc) – you never know if one could result in a deal in the future.

Conversation Starters:

You could wear your nametag when out running errands, have company signage on your vehicle, etc to spark conversation. You can even wear your nametag upside down, someone will notice and correct you! It has worked before.

Warm” (NOT Cold) Call For Listings:

Seller leads have already raised their hand and said they are selling (ex. FSBO) even if it didn’t work out (withdrawn/expired listing) but they still have the intention to sell – so this makes these “warm” calls, not “cold” calls! There are plenty of listing lead programs out there, we even have a company one – just always check the National Do Not Call Registry prior to calling. Quickly communicate how you plan to solve their problem (ie their home not selling). Homes don’t sell for 2 reasons: it is over priced or it had bad marketing (meaning it wasn’t promoted properly and/or the listing photos were bad/unprofessional). Try to set a listing appointment because that is your #1 goal – meeting them in person is crucial. See our listing presentation, CMA guide and scripts here.

Host Open Houses:

With open houses, you already get to meet qualified buyers face to face for free! Offer to host one for a list agent (or on your own listing) on a weekend between 11a-5p for 2 hours max. Make sure you already have open house directional signs (you will likely need 4+ signs, and you can borrow them if you live close to our St Pete office just contact support@Daltonwade.com to arrange pickup several days prior). Arrive early to set up signs from the main street inward to the home (and place at all intersections as well).
Turn on the lights and open doors between rooms. Have a sign in sheet, pens, your laptop, business cards and customer synopsis MLS printouts to give to buyers. Bring yourself a broker synopsis printout as well to answer questions. You can even turn on soft music, light a candle, offer refreshments, snacks, bring a complimentary hand sanitizer, etc. For buyers that don’t have an agent, ask what they are looking for in a home so you can later create them a search. Make sure to follow up after the open house to hopefully meet them for future showings. Lock up and turn off the lights – leave the house as you found it.  Make sure to provide feedback to the seller.

Social Media: Set up a Facebook, Instagram and Google Business Page

You can also create a business Pintrest, Twitter and YouTube Channel if you want. Make sure to invite your sphere of influence and any leads you meet, then post often on appropriate channels, request reviews, etc. You can even create and pay for Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads as well.

Mailers/Door Hangers:

You can mail out post card “flyers” to a prospective neighborhood or “farm” area in bulk through different marketing companies. You can even make door hangers and walk your neighborhood hanging your “flyer” on each doorknob – let them know their neighbor is an agent and knows the area well!

Past Clients:

Word of mouth is invaluable – people trust the opinions of people they already know. So stay in touch with your customers as most people buy or sell again within the next 5 years! If it’s not your customer, it is their neighbor and they could recommend you.

Buy Your Own Leads:

Consider buying your own leads from a variety of sources if you don’t receive enough organically. Plenty of successful agents do this! You can buy google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads, research free lead sources where you just owe a referral fee, etc.

Our Lead Program:

Receive company leads from a variety of sources: https://joindaltonwade.com/dalton-wade-lead-program/. Email Support@DaltonWade.com for more information or to schedule an informational zoom with us!