As Did The Agents Below, You Will Become a More Profitable & Stronger Agent With Dalton Wade!

Hear from our agents about how their career has been impacted since joining Dalton Wade Real Estate Group:

“I must say the first thing that impressed me about Dalton Wade Real Estate Group was the commission structure.  I was with another broker and paid them thousand and thousands of dollars.  When I was told how much I would be paying for the split, I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I am also very impressed by the service Dalton Wade offers.  Phil, the broker, has been so helpful with technical support and all kinds of  training.   His team, including Lisa, Cleren and Miles are responsive and very reliable.  Anytime I need assistance, I can always count on them!”

Jael WeberDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I love the commission structure, compliance support, mortgage connections and I can ask any question and get the help I need. Especially for newer agents or less experienced agents, having a knowledgeable team promotes an agent to enter into uncharted territory.

You’re less fearful of helping a client do something you’ve never done (or have no experience in) knowing you have resources to help you. In turn, you learn and grow as an agent!”

Lisa LottDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate Group has been instrumental in my early years as a Realtor. The training and technology is great to help my business grow. I’m no longer overpaying like I did at my first real estate company.

However the biggest difference to me is Phil Wade. As my broker he is always available to help and answer any questions I may have. Phil always puts his agents first and has our back. Thank you for providing me with a great place to work!”

Zach GriestDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“One thing I really like about working at Dalton Wade is the prompt responses I receive from their support staff. Also, I enjoy the flexibility to avail myself of the leads program (or not) depending on whether I need them or not.

The technology for creating contracts and having them reviewed is user-friendly and it is backed by the immediate attention the compliance staff pays to new submissions. Of course, the low fee structure is very attractive as well”.

Bert JimenezDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate Group has been the most innovative, supportive brokerage I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Our broker, Phil, is responsive, available, and knowledgeable, and he surrounds himself with like-minded team members who are always happy to help.  The lead programs are second to none; Phil and his team are always coming up with new ways to create additional lead sources for agents – some of them require no split, so you get to keep 100% of your commission.

Dalton Wade provides training, compliance, legal support, and someone is always available to assist you with even the most academic of questions.  Of all the 100% commission, technology brokers out there, Dalton Wade delivers; they provide all the technology resources you’ll need to build and maintain your real estate business.

No matter what phase of your real estate career you’re in, if you’re looking for a fresh start, I highly recommend Dalton Wade Real Estate Group.”

Pam & Dustin AckerDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“At Dalton Wade Real Estate Group, I AM AN INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR and not a Sales Associate for the Broker.  It really is my business. My Broker (Phil) invests real money in my business through the Zillow Co-Marketing program.  This investment is a game changer. When I have questions or need support, it’s a phone call or text away.  My Broker supports by encouragement not preaching or talking down to me.”

On my first deal as a REALTOR, I was at a 50/50 split with my previous Broker, or so I thought until the Brokerage Fees came into play, because it was closer to 57/43 and me being on the short end. The Broker got $4,100 and I got $3,100.  I recently had Sell side commission of $16,442. At the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group, I paid my Broker $79 for the transaction and I kept the rest. I received $16,363.   Imagine what the math would have looked liked if I had stayed with my former Broker.

The ‘Big Name’ Brokerages are like good taxi services, Dalton Wade Real Estate Group is like UBER. ”

Zoki MbolekwaDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate Group has been my only broker.  I believe I was their 6th agent and now there are over 490 agents.

I’ve been with DW for slightly over4 years and don’t plan on going anywhere! 100% commissions and amazing support has kept me from going anywhere else.”

Lana RosamiliaDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I love the 24/7 hands on help from the broker and staff when needed.

The in house lender team is always available. The free Dotloop along with Boomtown CRM is definitely a big bonus.”

Jill HagistDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Joining the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career so far.

The 100% commissions was what enticed me to change my broker’s a few years ago but the training, support and advanced technology is what has kept me here. I couldn’t imagine a better place to be!”

Rachel MayesDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I was tired of giving nearly half my commission to my old, big-name brokerage.  I wasn’t going to continue to build my business on a weak foundation.

Phil Wade, Broker/owner of Dalton Wade, is a super-responsive, caring broker who gives us the freedom and tools needed to build our businesses as we see fit, but is always there to help us when we need it.  You can’t beat 100% commission – $79 transaction fee along with support and training.”

Phil BernieDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Helpful people truly helping people!!!!  I have received a blessing of great and TRUE team support from Phillip Wade and Lisa Gudath along with the rest of the  support team.

I love that we have access to agent open houses and Optcity to develop relationships that foster trust that in turn assures comfort in the sales experience.  The encouragement, technology, and power to truly help people.  Thank you, Phillip Wade!”

Nichole SherwoodDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“What I like about Dalton Wade?

I have been with Dalton Wade for over 2 years, and I must say that what I was promised when I join was delivered.  Commission yes is a 100% less $79.  I have a good CRM to manage my leads.

However, those things are very good but not as great as the efforts that are put into helping agents and creating ways for agents to succeed.  Phil continues to evolve and move forward to help his realtors grow their business in conjunction with his and that’s what I like about Dalton Wade.”

Victoria McLaughlinDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate has been the best brokerage for my business.  I get all the support I need, plus access to a great CRM, dotloop, and have my E&O covered for such a low fee.

This allows me to run my real estate business how I choose, and spend my money on my business where I choose.  I highly recommend Dalton Wade Real Estate to any professional agent!”

Alfio CarroccettoDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“There are many reasons I am happy to be an agent with Dalton Wade but one reason that really stands out is the accessibility to help when I am in need of answers.

I have always been able to reach Phil in a reasonable time frame and the new agent help system is fantastic! I have used the system multiple times and I always get a quick response with great advice.“

Cody WinterDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I’ve been with Dalton Wade just about 2 months now and have been busier and will have made more real estate related income by the second week of March than all of last year.

The support and training are excellent. Most important the training is real life and teaches all aspects of what we face every day as realtors. The commission structure is more than fair and equitable and the lead programs DW have connected me with have been terrific!  3 contracts  in less than 2 months and working with a good number of other people in the pipeline- just from the leads received.

All in all it has been a great move joining the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group!”

Barry RothsteinDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I came over to Dalton Wade Real Estate Group five months ago from a Big Box Brokerage and I’m very happy with the support I’ve received.  The Administration, the Support Group, the Hotline, and the Marketing Experts are all very accessible.  Training opportunities abound.

Phillip Dalton Wade and his namesake company are the real deal.  I am enjoying every minute of the real estate business thanks to the emphasis on relationship and support at Dalton Wade.”

Lincoln Loucks

“Working with Dalton Wade is a true pleasure.

The staff is super friendly and helpful whenever I need support.  And let’s face it; the compensation is UNBEATABLE.”

Jimmy CullerDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I’m a REALTOR and a mom, an artist and an gardener.

I like flexibility, support when I need it, space when I want some, and keep 100% of my commission. That sounds selfish but I found my perfect brokerage that I don’t have to fit in – it fits me!”

Monika WhiteDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I joined Dalton Wade Real Estate Group after my previous company closed there doors  and gave me less than 1 week to find another brokerage firm.

I am very happy with Dalton Wade they help you in every way.  They have a good team to work with.

Thank you again Dalton Wade”

Mary PortaDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I really like the commission structure at Dalton Wade.

It allows for much more money to go to the agent.  I a very happy with the response time to any questions I may have.”

Kevin MurphyDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I really like the commission structure at Dalton Wade.  It allows for more money to go to the agent.

I a very happy with the response time to any questions I may have.”

April CalboDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Answers and Guidance are provided almost real time!”

Jorge Tomey

“I chose to be with Dalton Wade for several reasons.

  1. Since commissions are not dictated, I can do what is best for my customers and balance their needs with mine.
  2. My broker allows me to run MY business, MY way.  If I have to agree to a fee or a condition to close a deal, I can make an immediate decision, no delay.
  3. Phil is always available for questions and advice.  I don’t get the run around when I am needing his assistance.”
Serena JohnsonDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I joined Dalton Wade in November 2018.  I saw the need for a better structure to maintain and follow up with my present, past and future costumers, I was looking for a CRM, (Contact Relationship Management ). It’s expensive for a single agent and at the same time I was looking for a better website. The Boomtown CRM & Website are awesome!

The amount of support and technology is amazing. Dotloop is a game changer and helps me be more efficient. Dalton Wade also offers a lead program. Best for last, I keep 100% of my commission and my monthly fees is just $79.00 and better yet my transaction fees is just $79.00 and is included you error and emission insurance.”

Rose Parsons

“Thoughts:  the single most important thing for me is training and that the support team is always there to guide us so we can offer great services to our clients!”

Yami Pastore RodriguezDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate Group, is a Blueprint to what other Brokerage’s aspire too.

Phillip D Wade, Kind, Smart & Generous with his time and knowledge.”

Kelly DeCarlucciDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I would recommend working with Dalton Wade to anyone! Excellent pay structure, leads program, and the Broker actually picks up the phone.”

Kevin WatsonDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“The 100% commission structure working with Dalton Wade Real Estate Group is just the beginning of the Sunshine!

The forward thinking and technology Dalton Wade provides makes my business career as a Realtor growing possibilities endless.  The “lottery ticket” you get is the SUPPORT  which is priceless weather you are a new agent or a seasoned broker associate.

I can say working WITH  “not for” Dalton Wade Real Estate Group is #JustAnotherDayInParadise ”

Edward BiekerDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Switching from my old brokerage to Dalton Wade Real Estate Group was the best decision I’ve made for my business.

From an amazing commission structure that allows me to keep more of my money to the weekly training sessions offered to the responsiveness of Phil and his team, its a fantastic brokerage from front to back. Thank you Phil and team for all you do to support me and my business!”

Clint MurdockDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

My first year in Real Estate has been more than frustrating!

Since I joined Dalton Wade 3 weeks ago I actually feel like my career has finally started.  The Support Staff, Dalton Wade Mortgage Team and the Technology ( Boomtown & Dot Loop)  are the BEST! Leads, Leads and more Leads…….. The monthly fees and Opcity lead generation are so affordable for any agent.  Also. don’t forget about being a Premier Agent with Zillow.  Learning to build your business is the key to success!”

Patty HuebnerDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Moving to Dalton Wade from a big name, high split broker has allowed me to invest my earnings back into marketing my business rather than having to pay tens of thousands of dollars to a broker.

Even with the extremely affordable fees, Phil is always available to answer questions and offer guidance. With today’s technology, there is simply no need to pay a broker to maintain fancy offices.”

Stacie BaileyDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I’ve explored multiple brokerages and I am thrilled to be a part of The Dalton Wade Brokerage.

100% commission feels better than it sounds! They are full of incites on how to use their technology and organize your CRM: easy to get a hold of too! They make finding clients convenient by providing a list of Open Houses available.

If you’re interested in running your own Business this is the perfect Brokerage to hang your license. Thanks Dalton Wade!”

Bianca LorenzoDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

We, The Conrad-Wolfe Team, decided to make the switch to Dalton Wade Realty after participating in Phil’s new agent training classes.  Phil helps agents learn from his personal wins as well as his challenges and fails.  We all learn more from what went wrong…called “lessons learned”…if we get real and pay attention to what really works!

We are also huge fans of his “cloud” business model meaning not lots of bricks and mortar office, conventions, cruises, and other so called perks that you actually pay for in lower commission rates and staff that translates to higher costs. Phil gives agents the opportunity to earn maximum commissions.  100% commission on my direct clients with only a nominal $79.00 transaction fee to cover things like Errors and Ommissioms insurance which is a is a GREAT deal!

Then there is also our key expert Dalton Wade support team…We can’t say enough about how great they are.  Behind the scenes for sure, but they are responsive, knowledgeable, and professional.  They are always a phone call away!

In short…less cost, more closes, happier clients, more commissions back to us.  We are very happy Dalton Wade agents!

Conrad Wolfe TeamDalton Wade Real Estate Agents

“Dalton Wade has been an wonderful workplace, with an amazing broker and support team. The commission structure is also amazing, with only a $79/per month fee and a $79/per transaction fee. The fairest brokerage in terms of commission structure out there.

They offer almost daily training sessions and allow you to use office space in our main office located in the “hip’ office location of the Station House, located in downtown St. Pete.

We have a Dalton Wade support line that is always open and available to you for any questions or concerns you have, and the support team fully, and thoroughly explain how to handle whatever situation or obstacle you are encountering, and the best way to get through it.

Lastly, we have full access to the most up to date technology, including Dotloop which makes the contract process a breeze. I cannot say enough positive things about this amazing brokerage and overall “team” vibe. If you are thinking about making a switch in brokerages, or just starting out…this is the one!”

Linnea BaroneDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“From the moment I met Phil and the Dalton Wade Staff, I felt very welcomed. The one thing that was very attractive to me was 100% commission and $79/$79 per transaction and monthly payment.

The math made complete since to me and with the explanations that Phil gave me about his business plan and how he plans to grow it was a no brainer to me that this Brokerage will grow.

As a new agent on my very first year, I have a lot of questions and at times need help and every time I’ve had a question or needed help the Support Line was there to save the day for me and its always been fast.

I’m thankful to be part of this company, I love the fact that I get paid the full payment of what I work for instead of having to give away my commission, and I’m definitely thankful for Lisa, Claren and Jeff for all the help they have given me. Sincere The Rojas Family is Thankful for Dalton Wade.”

Carlos RojasDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I joined Dalton Wade because of the lead generation tools they provide agents to succeed.

I like the on-line training sessions, and that I was able to attend from two time zones away.

I’m closing my first transaction today, and the Dalton Wade support line has been essential — it is always staffed with with very helpful experts.

On top of that, I am able to keep most of my commission, and succeed in my business.”

Joseph GierlachDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

I am very happy that I made the move to Dalton Wade. If you remember we spoke last year and I watched Dalton Wade numbers grow like I’ve never seen before.

I especially like the commission structure with the lead programs and the very low monthly fees.

The simplicity of the technology makes this work like a fine tuned machine. This is a perfect fit for me and I could see my self being with this office for many years. Thanks.”

Richard LeBlancDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“My wife and I are a team that does a lot of transactions with friends and family members.

We love the flexibility the Dalton Wade model gives us to extend a ‘Friends and Family Discount’ without working for free! Since moving to Dalton Wade, we had exceptional support from the Brokerage, we enjoy getting paid at the closing table…and more training opportunities that we can take advantage of!”

Rob & Laura DemarestDalton Wade Real Estate Agents

“I first came to Dalton Wade because of the attractive commission structure, but that’s not why I stayed.

The new paradigm  is virtual brokerage. Dalton Wade fully embraces this shift with proactive training,  practical coaching, and a supportive environment. So what’s the value of getting inspiration? Priceless!”

Thomas HeeterDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade Real Estate Group is one of  the best real estate brokerages with excellent support, stable platform and amazing commission structure.

Using  latest technology and tools Dalton Wade offers  everything a real estate agent needs to get ahead of the competition!”

Natalia IzquierdoDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“The commission structure and availability of support is what brought me to Dalton Wade Real Estate Group.”

Cheryl HansenDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

What I love and appreciate most about Dalton Wade is having an accessible Broker and team when I need help.  I really like that, although our agents may span across Florida, it still feels like we are connected as a team.

There is always a feeling of support and so many “seasoned” agents are willing to offer advice and a helping hand to newer agents who are just learning the ropes.

I also appreciate receiving the opportunity to learn and grow in different areas, such as the Transaction Coordinator Position.

Many Thanks – Malika!!

Malika InnissDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“So far my experience with Dalton Wage has been excellent.  They made me feel welcome from the beginning!

The support is wonderful and the fact that I only pay $ 79 in commission makes me feel even happier being part of this group.”

Jacqueline CoonsDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Honesty is what strikes me about Dalton Wade Real Estate Group!

Also the speed of replying to any question that arise during the real estate transaction process!”

Gerges NehmeDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Several of my REALTOR“ cohorts and I simultaneously made the jump from one of the big box companies over to Dalton Wade nearly 2 years ago.

Initially I was apprehensive of the move and of losing the name recognition of my former company for advertising purposes; however, that reluctance was quickly diminished because I’ve been on full throttle since Day 1 with Dalton Wade and earned more last year than any of my previous years in RE.

That’s largely due to the 100% commission, as well as the training offered geared to get you to the finish line with your customers.  Phil Wade is everything my former broker was not.  For starter’s, he’s present!  I’ve never NOT been able to reach Phil in fairly short order whenever I’ve needed his sage advice.

Through his lead program, my presence on Zillow is grown tremendously and I’m closing deals.   What’s not to LOVE about Dalton Wade!”

Nichol WheelerDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I came to Dalton Wade as a fairly new agent. I had spent about a month at another brokerage that provided absolutely no personal support, wanted me to pay for a “mentor” if I had questions, I had to find my own leads and pay a ridiculous amount monthly in addition to sharing a large percentage of my income.

I was lost and frustrated. Then, I received an email from Phil and it changed my life! My first year at Dalton Wade I had 15 transactions, and I kept my commission with only a $79 dollar transaction fee to Dalton Wade! Not only does Dalton Wade let me keep what I make, but they have the best support and technology.

They have a fantastic support team and provide me with an amazing and easy to use CRM, access to Dot Loop, and they have fantastic Transaction Coordinator’s (Full disclosure, I am one). To top that off they have an open house team that are trained before gaining access and they will hold your open houses for you!

Oh, and leads! Leads are sent to you weekly that are expired or FSBO listings. You also get access to opcity, which is a lead program that calls you with live leads for a percentage of your commission. In addition to all of this, Phil is an ethical and caring broker, he cares about all of our clients.  To summarize, I have been set up for success by Dalton Wade, and I am very thankful and proud to be here!”

Leilani BonnellDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I have now been working with Dalton Wade for over 4 years and love it!

Our Broker Phil is always very supportive and always reachable, especially when I really need him. This no doubt is truly the best real estate company in the Tampa Bay area. I feel it is very much like a family and that is also why I feel more at “home” there. I have been in real estate since 2008 locally so I have worked for other companies.

To be able to get all this and for their inexpensive fee structure? You can’t beat it!”

Beau LucasDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“The Dalton Wade Real Estate Group sets the agent up for success!

They offer trainings that are very helpful. In addition, they provide an agent care team that is available to help with any general questions. Also, there is no other real estate firm that only charges a $79 fee per transaction”

Alex MenendezDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Hi my name is Ruben Diaz I’m an agent with Dalton Wade real estate group since I started with Dalton Wade it was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a real estate agent.

The attention to detail from the staff has been amazing one of the main things that caught my eye when I started with Dalton Wade was like hold on a Sunday and Phil the broker is the one that answered my phone.

I would highly recommend if you are in agent to sign up with Dalton Wade the person that told me about it her name is Aimee Malan her comment to me was you’re not going to regret it she was 100% right.

I’ve had to call the support line several times and they answer immediately so as a new agent that’s the type of support I believe you need. So I want to say to Dalton Wade Thank You”

Ruben Diaz - Diaz TeamDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“Dalton Wade gives you the freedom to try as many business plans as possible when starting up your Real Estate business.

This gives you the opportunity to find what you are good at and what your really like about the business. As a new agent I also find that Dalton Wade support and training are second to none, if you seek answers they will find what you need.

The team is friendly and always one call away. Dalton Wade has a very healthy culture and that makes me feel like I am a part of something special.”

Aaron ClemDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I love this brokerage.

I’m truly supported and my success really matters to Dalton Wade Real Estate Group.”

Donna SouthersDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“The Training at Dalton Wade Is really great.  The Dotloop set up  makes your transactions so much easier .  The support line has never let me down , and of course the transaction fee is amazing .

I definitely do not miss my previous overpriced brokerage!”

B. Michael Fleischmann Dalton Wade Real Estate Agent

” The are several reason why I love working for Dalton Wade Real Estate Group.

One and most important is that our broker provides us with mentoring and coaching so we can be the best agents.  Secondly he supplies us with leads and the third big reason is that he lets us keep almost all of our omissions.

Dalton Wade is simply the best brokerage to work for!!”

Dori KaliszczakDalton Wade Real Estate Agent

“I am glad that I joined the Dalton Wade Real Estate Group.

In my short stay, I have found tremendous support  not only from  Phil, whose assistance. support advise and consultations have been immediately provided but also from Claren and Lisa who have provided me guidance with appropriate referrals to compliance or legal team. For all that I’m very grateful.”

Jahnny AbelloDalton Wade Real Estate Agent