Too Busy for Marketing? Paradym is Here to Help!

Marketing is one of the most essential – and most forgotten – aspects of real estate. But the real estate agent who markets lavishly closes sales lavishly. From social media posting to website building to launching email and text campaigns, marketing can be time consuming! How do busy real estate agents (like yourselves) ever find the time to keep up with it all?

Enter Paradym.

With Paradym, you’ll have the power to set up a dedicated real estate website for your business. You can connect your phone number and email address, as well as all of your social channels, to make it easy for clients to get in touch. This stellar marketing tool also offers the option to set up auto prompts that will encourage your website visitors to ask questions via a chat box. Those messages will then be pushed through to your cell phone so that you can respond easily. If you need a bit of time to respond, it helps you set up an auto responder so that potential clients know that you’ve received their inquiry.

Flyer creation is a constant reality for realtors, and Paradym provides templates that will make flyer creation simple. Need a digital tour? Paradym does that too – all automated. All you need to do is select a set of parameters that your showcase displays will follow. Paradym creates galleries of the photos you’ve uploaded for each listings, and has the power to automatically push each listing gallery to your social channels and to Youtube. You can even choose from several digital voice narrators for your tours!

When linking to social media, Paradym allows you to keep reposting active listing at pre-scheduled intervals, so that no properties get buried under newer listings. 

…Really – Paradym is pretty much like having your own automated marketing assistant. And the best part? You get access to Paradym just by being a member of the Dalton Wade team. So if you get all that – included – why not use it? Paradym is worth the hype, guaranteed.

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