How to Create a Winning Listing Presentation Every Time!

Being prepared and showcasing your strategy will help you get a listing every time. But, how can you convey your knowledge and expertise? Keep reading to get an actionable checklist to create a winning listing presentation every time!

listing presentation

Prepare Before You Go

This doesn’t need to take a ton of time, but you should do some research and pull a few comps before heading to your appointment. Take a look in the MLS and see what’s for sale around the property, what those homes are listed at and what has sold recently in the area. This will help give you an idea of a good listing price.


Be sure to also bring along any documents that you would need if they want to sign with you at the appointment. This does happen and you don’t want to lose momentum by not having the right papers for them to sign. Bring a contract, seller’s disclosure, lead paint, etc. to the listing appointment with you.


Another great idea is to bring some marketing collateral with you such as Zillow reviews or referral letters so they can learn a little bit more about you.


The Listing Appointment

99% of the time, a listing appointment takes place at the houseseller’s property. This is because you need to see the house to help determine the listing price. The comps are part of it, but you need to see the house to make sure there is nothing structurally wrong or damagedso you can give the seller the most accurate price to list the home at.


After you arrive, the sellers will most likely take you on a tour of the house- it’s kind of their way of “selling” their house. They’ll point out all the highlights, but be sure to check out the big ticket items such as the roof, electrical panel, A/C, etc.  


When the tour is over is a great time to begin your listing presentation. Explain what you’re going to do to sell their house, how you’re going to market it and how you both can work together to sell it quickly.


What to Include In Your Listing Presentation

If you’d like a copy of an editable PowerPoint presentation, email Phil Wade at: [email protected]


  1. Market Stats
  • How many houses are on the market (in their zip code, town or area)
  • How many houses are under agreement
  • How many sales in the past 6 months


Explain the difference between a buyer’s market and a seller’s market (depending on which it is at the time).


For example, right now it’s a seller’s market- the inventory is low. Be sure to tell them that their house should sell in 30 days or less if it is priced correctly and marketed well (which it will, by you 🙂 ).


  1. Benefits of Working With You
  • Give recommendation of price (they have the ultimate say so, but you will work hard to provide them the information to make an informed decision on price).
  • Professional photographs of the house
  • Staging suggestions
  • For Sale sign
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Conduct Open Houses
  • Social Media exposure & targeted campaigns
  • Showings of the house
  • Follow-up on all showings
  • Feedback after showings
  • Negotiation of all offers
  • Negotiation of home inspection issues
  • Review of HUD settlement statement
  • Closing!


  1. Internet Marketing Campaigns

Explain that once you put their listing into the MLS, it is available for all brokers and agents to see it. It also goes out to thousands of real estate websites, including Zillow, Trulia,,, etc.


  1. Social Media Campaigns

Describe your social media strategy and how you’ll create posts and ads to get their house information in front of people on social media. You can also promote Open Houses, pricing changes or amenities to get people’s attention.


  1. Open House Schedule

It’s a great idea to have a planned schedule, with dates, to show the seller. This shows that you’re prepared and eager to get their house sold quickly.


  1. What Does It Cost?

This is your chance to explain how you’ll get paid and discuss a commission split that they think is fair.


  1. Summary

Be sure to sum up everything you have discussed and ask if they have any questions. This is also where the conversation will usually move to price. The sellers typically have a number in mind and let them know that they have the ultimate say so in the listing price. Remind them that the market will determine the price and prepare them for what can happen if it’s priced too high or too low.


Note- if you have a dreamer (someone with a very unrealistic price in mind), you may want to decide if you really want to work with them. You may decide it’s not worth your time and effort to list their house.

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