Benefits of Conducting a First Time Home Buyer Seminar Via Facebook

Creating an event that educates first-time homebuyers is a great way to generate leads and gain trust. But, how can you conduct one? The old school way was to have it in the office or local space and invite some referral partners such as a lender, inspector and a title company. Luckily, in this day and age, these can be done easily via Facebook Live!

Have you done a Facebook Live yet? It can be intimidating at first, but the more you do it, the more you will feel comfortable. It will also set you apart from other agents as not many agents are taking advantage of this powerful option yet and the great thing is that it’s free! This easy to use tool on Facebook is a great way to generate leads. Plus, you’ll likely get more people involved doing it online as opposed to a physical place.


So what do you need to do, to conduct an online first-time homebuyer seminar?


First, ask a few of your referral partners if they’d like to participate. You know- the few that you work with often, they’ll likely be happy to get a little exposure as well.  To cover the bases, ask an inspector, a mortgage lender and a title specialist. If you’re a new agent or new to the area and don’t have any preferred partners yet, contact us and we can recommend some great ones!


Next, you’ll need a Facebook business page. You can easily set one of these up from your personal page if you haven’t already. Be sure to complete your profile with a picture, cover photo and accurate contact information.


Ask friends from your personal page to like your business page so you can start to grow your reach. When you do go live, all of the people that like your page will get notified. Be sure to ask your participants to promote the event so you guys can all cross-promote each other.


Another easy and pretty inexpensive way to get your event in front of more people is to boost your post or create a sponsored ad. Spending a few bucks doing this can help you target more people with the specific interests, i.e., buying a house, first-time homebuyer, etc.


Lastly, provide valuable information to the people who are watching. Go over any common roadblocks first-time homebuyers face, what documents they’ll need, what the inspection period is all about and encourage them to ask questions on the live broadcast.


At Dalton Wade we believe that today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate and that’s what we provide to our clients- exceptional service.


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