How to Overcome Buyer Objection

If you’ve been in real estate for any length of time, you know that there are always a few objections and bumps in the road that you need to work through in order to have a smooth transaction. It’s just the name of the real estate game.

overcome buyer objection

One of The Most Common Buyer Objections

Did you know that 85% of people that are looking at real estate online, default click on a property? That means that they assume that when they click on a property, they will be put in touch with the listing agent. But, this is not the case. When they click on the property, they actually become a lead in programs like Zillow and

The good news? If you are utilizing these programs, you have a great shot at getting these leads and can work to convert them into clients.

The bad news? People oftentimes have objections to not being connected with the property’s listing agent.

You can easily overcome these objections by being prepared. Let’s take a look at how to turn this negative outlook into a positive one!

Proper Representation

Many people think that the listing agent is going to help them negotiate price, prepare to buy and things of that nature. This isn’t the case. The listing agent has their seller’s best interests in mind- it’s who they are working for. They want to get them the most money for their house, period. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just a fact.

Let your lead know that you are prepared to represent them, the buyer. You know the market, you will conduct CMA’s, you’ll do the research and you will help negotiate the best price for them. You are there to protect them from beginning to end.

Proper Protection

There are many steps to purchasing a home and many of these steps have certain dates associated with them. Assure your new lead that you will protect their deposit and work out their financing and home inspection contingencies properly, on or before the due dates.

Another perk they get when they decide to work with you is that they get to tap into your professional network of lenders, inspectors and title companies.

Proper Payment

Many buyers don’t realize that using an agent is essentially free. Your commission comes out of the listing agent’s commission- they are the ones that pay you- not the buyer. Educate your new lead with this useful information and they will be more open-minded to working with a buyers agent.

Proper Next Steps

After addressing these objections, hopefully your new lead is excited about looking at properties. Be sure to end the conversation by asking your new lead when they would be available to see some properties you think they may be interested in.

Bonus: Proper Preparation

A recent Zillow study showed that many realtors showed low energy and lacked enthusiasm when contacted by an internet lead. Having a good attitude, showing genuine interest and excitement will really help convert these leads into clients.

Always be on time for showings, dress professionally and be prepared to address the above objection and you’ll grow your business quickly!

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