How to Have a Successful Open House

Do you have an Open House coming up soon? They are a great way to market a house as well as meet potential buyers!

How to have a successful Open House

Follow these simple steps for a successful Open House:

Plan & Prepare

Be sure to get everything ready and in order well before the event. Are you having food? Are you giving away door prizes? Do you have marketing materials to hand out to guests? Decide what you are doing and order/prep/gather at least a week before.

Market the Open House

You want as much traction as possible, so be sure to start marketing the event at least a week before so people can put it on their calendar. Update the remarks in Trulia, Zillow and, send out an email to your contact list, post it on your Facebook page and be sure to put up signs the morning of the Open House.

Get there early

It’s a good rule of thumb to get to the house at least 15-20 minutes before it starts. That way you can get everything set-up and you won’t be running around when people arrive. There are always early birds, so be sure to get there and prep in enough time.

Greet everyone

Open Houses can get busy quickly, but make an effort to greet everyone personally who walks in the door. Do not have a sign-up sheet! Not only are the impersonal, if they have horrible handwriting you may not get their correct contact information. Pro tip– bring your ipad or tablet and input their information right there on the fly- it helps make you look a little more “digitally” advanced.

Let them explore

They are there to see the house so after you greet them, let them explore on their own. Don’t follow, hover or stalk them- that’s a sure way to get them out of the door quickly! If they have questions, they will find you.

Wrap It Up

Just as you greeted everyone in the beginning, try to catch them and say a quick good-bye on the way out. It’s a great time to see if they have any questions and an opportunity to see if they’d like any more information from you.


Send out a quick, personal follow-up email that evening to everyone who came to the Open House. It’s an easy way to thank them again for coming and nurture those relationships that were formed.

Bonus Tip: Keep track of your conversions- it will help you grow your business quicker. You’ll be able to see trends, dips and spikes along the way. This will allow you to analyze your data and see what is working and what is not.  

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