Our Leads Program!

We know we have told you before that Dalton Wade is a different kind of brokerage – one focused on helping you grow your business by providing a full support brokerage with cutting edge programs at an astonishingly low monthly and transactional fee, all while you keep 100% of your own commission.  We think it is safe to say we pride ourselves on being “extra”.  Well, we also offer something a little something “extra” as well that you may not know about – we have a leads program! Read on to learn more.

Our leads program

For those of you just getting started in the business, or for those of you that are established but just want to boost your business, we have 2 leads program options for you to enhance your real estate game! You may choose to do one or both.

Op City

Op City is a large internet based lead service that procures their own paid leads and works them with their own team of internal sales associates prior to sending them out to agents like yourself.  That means those leads are called, texted and emailed multiple times over a 6 month time frame to ensure no opportunity is missed. Whenever a lead has answered some qualifying questions (regarding preapproval, timeframe, price range, area, etc) and has advised they would like to move forward and speak to an agent, the lead opportunity is sent out to agents.  If you have won a lead, Op City will call you directly with a live lead transfer – this means you get to speak to the lead on the phone directly, significantly increasing your chances of working with them and turning it into a closing! To be eligible to receive Op City leads through our brokerage, you just need to pay $129/month and $79/transaction (instead of the basic $79/month and $79/transaction), then a referral fee to Op City (only due upon closing – that is it)! Referral fee is 30% under $150k price point and 35% over $150k price point.


Zillow has proven to be good quality leads but the expense can be too much for some agents to bear alone. Dalton Wade would like to help with that! We offer to help sponsor you in the zip code of your choice for $1000/month total – we pay 1/3, our preferred lender Dalton Wade Mortgage Team (or your own preferred lender) pays 1/3, and you as the agent pay 1/3 of that advertising cost monthly.  Zillow even kicks in an extra $100 in your zipcode of advertising money as well! You still must be on Boomtown Advanced ($129/mo and $79/transaction) for this option.  You only owe Dalton Wade 20% upon successful closing for Zillow leads – and you can change zipcodes or quit at any time as Zillow month to month!

Ready to join us or want to hear more? Visit us today or call our broker Phil Wade at 727-888-4175.  We look forward to hearing from you and hope to help you grow your business in the near future! 

Helping You Grow Your Business – That’s the Dalton Wade Way!