Staging for Success- The Top 5 Things to Include in Your Next Showing

Did you know buyers are most drawn to living rooms and kitchens in homes? Yes – these spaces count and can be a deal breaker if not staged well. Home staging is the spin on interior design in real estate where the entire purpose is to highlight the very best of your sellers’ home. This way, it’s easy to make the potential buyers imagine themselves living there.

Follow these 5 tips and you simply cannot go wrong:

  1. Make the kitchen feel like “home” – Now, more than ever, a kitchen is a space where families gather, set up their laptop, cook together and simply be. COVID-19 brought on a lot of this – making the kitchen be the center and heart beat of a home. Ensure it feels spacious – even if the space is really small – with lots of light, organization. Think: declutter, fresh cut flowers, replace light fixtures need-be, and update cabinetry. Remember, a kitchen can make it or break it, especially when it comes to cleanliness. A deep clean is necessary as well.
  2. When It Comes to Art – Keep it Simple And Neutral If the house feels way too much like the sellers – meaning their personal taste for art or decor is defining every corner of the home, it’s going to be really difficult for the potential buyers to picture themselves and their belongings there.
  3. Make Space – Suggest removing chairs or larger pieces of furniture that take up too much space. Space, one again, will make the potential buyer picture their furniture in the home. More space means less distractions as well.
  4. Mirrors -Double the size of an area with some large mirrors. If you choose one accent piece, go with a mirror!
  5. Light Curtains – It may seem obvious, but light colored curtains- whether in a bedroom or living room – will make everything feel brighter. Open windows, with a nice Florida breeze, suddenly you’ve got a tropical paradise that your potential buyers will find irresistible!