Most Real Estate Agents Are Doing the Least Affective Thing the Most – And Here’s What That Is…

Yes, it’s true. Real Estate agents are doing the least affective thing the most when it comes to converting leads. That “thing” is e-mailing instead of calling. As a real estate agent, the most important thing you can do is CALL you leads. It’s that simple! Making that connection is key.

Living in a digital world, it’s easy to forgot how important the sound of someone’s voice is and what it means to make a “connection” with a person when doing business with them. 

A buyer in real estate always wants to be understood. Any buyer, any customer for that matter, wants to be understood.

Here’s a few tips on how you can engage with a potential customer, in the very first step in the journey of lead conversion.

These are some strategies that you can begin implementing ASAP!

1) Set up a professional voicemail greeting! It’s important that in the event the lead does not get a hold of you, they know it is you because you’re saying you’re a real estate agent in your voicemail.

2) Introduce yourself properly and professionally.

3) Set an appointment and ask open-ended questions. 

4) Talk about homes and see what their motivation is. “Are there any other homes you found that would like to see? I can get you into any homes. Do you have any questions?” 

5) Follow up in writing. You should always follow up in writing with a text and an e-mail.

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