Open House Connect is BACK!

It’s an exciting time here at Dalton Wade Real Estate Group as our Open House Connect program has returned! What is an open house exactly? An open house is a slated period of time in which a home is available for viewing by potential buyers. An open house is a key aspect of your business as a real estate agent. One of the many programs of our Lead Program is Open House Connect and you should know all about it. The major pros of open houses are the mere fact that they are FREE! It’s the very best way to get in front of those “NOW” buyers! Did you know? 75% of first time home buyers choose to work with the first agent they connect with? These in-person opportunities serve as your chance to show your potential client who you are and what you can offer to them. During our Open House Training we go through the very basics to the more advanced parts of an open house and what the experience entails for you, the Real Estate agent and for the buyer. For example, open house leads still need to be worked like all leads in your CRM (BoomTown!) for organization and follow up. You should always be mindful of working your leads, no matter what the context may be. Perhaps, the utmost important thing for a Realtor selling a home is ensuring their clients home is getting the exposure in needs. We will also discuss what you should bring – snacks, refreshments, water bottles, hand sanitizer, etc. The little things like a candle and background music make a big impact. You can also be prepared with flyers, brochures, something tangible your buyers can take with them. A good idea is collaborate with your lender on these promotional materials as well. Join us for LIVE Open House Connect trainings Fridays at 11AM on ZOOM.

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