Yes – We Have a Mortgage Team Now Too!

We here at Dalton Wade are breaking the mold and proud of it.  We decided it was not just enough to give agents a pay raise by letting them keep 100% of their commission.  It was also not enough to just charge agents a low fee of just $79/month and $79/transaction.  And we decided it was not enough to just get agents access to top of the line industry tools such as Dotloop for contract paperwork and our CRM Boomtown for lead tracking.  No – we decided that we also needed to get our agents top of the line access to a trusted lender who will be there for them day and night.  So, we had our own mortgage team formed.

The Dalton Wade Mortgage Team just launched last week and we are proud of everything it has to offer! We partnered with MI Mutual to bring you this team of high quality loan officers that we trust – in fact, we have worked with them individually for years.  They can do various types of loans throughout all of Florida and most states across the U.S. (FHA, VA, USDA. Conventional, Jumbo and non-prime mortgages).  You can even ask them about their down payment assistance program (if your buyer needs a little help with funds) and credit repair programs (if your buyer can’t qualify yet but you want to get them on the right path to have them buy with you later)!

As you experienced agents (and even new agents) know, having a high quality lender is EVERYTHING when it comes to making the deal happen.  It all starts with the preapproval – you want to make sure your lead has a STRONG,CERTIFIED PRE-APPROVAL, not just a pre-qualification that is, many times, worthless.  This means the approval is based on more than just a “Conversation” with the prospective buyer.  It means the credit is run, their debt to income is examined, and in every case, the credit application is filled out already.  When you visit their site, the direct line is always tied to a loan officer days, nights and weekends – this ensures someone is always available to help your customer with a preapproval as soon as you need it.  Being fully preapproved ensures the deal will not fall apart toward the end – and DWMT has a 30 day close guarantee so you can feel confident when writing your offer.

Once your buyer is preapproved and under contract, The Dalton Wade Mortgage Team will be with you every single step of the way.  You always have just 1 contact throughout the process – the loan officer and their processor.  That means that you aren’t bounced around from department to department where not everyone is on the same page like with the big box banks.  From offers to contracts, loan application to final loan approval, inspections to insurance selection, and final figures to closing – our team is here for YOU to make you look like a rock star agent to your customer.

Want to learn more about our mortgage team? Fill out the “Schedule A Time to Chat” form on to schedule a meeting with our recruiters today.  Or, visit, or call 727-359-0669.