15 Must Know Open House Tips

Some agents may think that Open Houses don’t produce results, but they are actually a great way to gain exposure for your sellers and also an opportunity to find buyers! How can you get more traffic through the door? What do you do when someone visits your Open House? Keep reading to get 15 must know tips to start conducting successful Open Houses!

open house tips

  1.  Post the Open House on the MLS as early as you can- shoot for at least 5 days before the event.
  2. Add remarks to your profile in Zillow and Realtor.com- be sure to take them down after.
  3. Promote your Open House on your Facebook business page and link it to a landing page with your listing.
  4. Have plenty of signage to drive traffic to your Open House. Put signs at main intersections, the beginning of the neighborhood, in front of the house, etc.
  5. Drop flyers off to the neighbors- they may not be interested in attending, but they may know someone who is and if they do decide to sell in the future, they’ll have your contact information.
  6. Get to the Open House early- at least 20 minutes before so that you can open it up, turn on lights and mentally prepare to meet and greet.
  7. Dress professionally- it’s an easy one that is so often overlooked. Be remembered for looking sharp, not sloppy. I know we live in Florida, but please, no flip-flops, t-shirts or shorts!
  8. Log your visitors directly into your CRM via a tablet or laptop. It saves paper, makes you look super techy and allows you to capture accurate information. (We’ve all seen how sloppy people write their names, don’t take any chances on losing valuable information).
  9. Ask if you can set them up with a property alert, don’t just do it. They’ll appreciate being asked and usually about 90% of people say yes.
  10. Do a Facebook live tour of the property to get additional exposure. Some people will be unable to attend, but could get a peek via the video to decide if they’d like to see more. Make it sound super cool by calling it a virtual Open House- it’s also an added bonus for your sellers as well so be sure to tell them about it.
  11. Let visitors explore- don’t give into your urge to follow them and point out specific features. They’ll find them and if they have questions, they’ll ask.
  12. As visitors are leaving, ask if they have any specific questions and also try to create a memorable bond. Something simple that will have a memorable affect- ask where they are living now, when they’d like to purchase, do they have children, etc.
  13. Send a follow-up email the evening of the Open House while their memory is still fresh. Ask them what they thought of the house and reiterate that you’d love to help them search for their dream home. Include your personal phone number and email so they have easy access to it.
  14. Try a commuter Open House- these take place on a weeknight generally from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. This is an opportunity to attract the people that are busy or work on the weekends.
  15. Monitor people’s behavior- are they opening your emails? Are they clicking on links? Which links are the clicking? Keeping a pulse on this information will not only help you to tailor the information you send them, but will also help ou evaluate a good time to re-engage them.


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