Win More Offers – Offer Checklist

It’s shocking how many real estate agents just aren’t prepared when drafting up an offer for their clients. And, in this market, you need to stand out – in a good way. This week’s training is all about the steps you need to take in order to prepare a great offer that gets accepted!

win more offers

Step One

There are a few things that you need to discuss with your buyer:

  • How much they want to offer
  • How much they are going to put in escrow
  • How much they’re financing
  • Their preferred closing date
  • Number of days to complete the home inspection
  • Whether or not they will request a home warranty
  • Discuss any closing costs that the buyer wants the seller to pay (closing cost credit)
  • Get their pre-approval letter or proof of funds (hopefully you already have this – be sure to get this early on so you know they are serious about buying).
  • Misc. things to discuss:
    • Let them know that the seller usually picks the Title/Escrow company
    • Whether or not a contract is not assignable
    • Any assessments to be paid in full by the seller prior to closing


That is all the information you need to put together an As-Is Contract. Be sure to fill out the contract completely and get their signatures and initials. Don’t forget to look in the MLS and print out any attached documents the listing agent included such as the lead paint disclosure, condo disclosure, HOA disclosure, etc. While you’re in there, also take a look and see which Title/Escrow company they have picked so that you can complete that information on the contract (often found in the Realtor Remarks section)..

Step Two

Double-check that you have all the necessary documents and signatures, then create an email that lists everything you’re attaching along with the property address. This shows the listing agent that you’re professional and easy to work with- which can go a long way in getting your offer accepted. Ask the agent to confirm receipt and then wait for an accepted offer or counter offer!

If you’d like an editable, step-by-step checklist, email Phil Wade at: [email protected]

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