10 Tips to Conducting a More Successful Open House

Conducting an Open House is not only a great way to gain exposure for your sellers, but it is also a fantastic opportunity to find buyers! Check out these 10 tips to start implementing today for a more successful Open House!

successful open house

  1. Post Your Open House Early on The MLS

Be sure to post your Open House information on the MLS at least five days before the Open House date. This gives people an opportunity to not only to discover the Open House, but to also arrange plans to attend.


  1. Enhance Your Zillow & Realtor.com Remarks

In addition to adding the Open House to the MLS, be sure to add  Open House remarks to your Zillow and Realtor.com listings. You just click enhance your remarks from your dashboard when you login and you can also delete them this way after the event.


  1. Post and/or Boost on Facebook

Posting information on your Facebook page is another great way to get your Open House information in front of people. You can also spend a little money boosting it or creating a sponsored ad to target specific demographics such as Interested in Buying a House. Include the date and time, the MLS link and pictures so people can learn more. If you are a Dalton Wade agent, you can link directly to your Boomtown landing page and have the leads go directly into your Boomtown CRM.


  1. Use Signage

Using Open House directional signs is a great way to attract people who didn’t see your Open House information online. It also helps them easily find their way to the house.  


  1. Arrive Early

There are always a few people who arrive early, so you want to be sure that you’re already there and prepared. Arrive 15-20 minutes early to open the house up, turn the lights on and get your promotional items set-up.


  1. Dress Professionally

First impressions are so important in our business and surprisingly, many agents don’t dress to impress at Open Houses. This is a great opportunity to set yourself apart and position yourself as a trusted real estate professional. You don’t have to go all out, business casual works!


  1. Greet Guests When They Arrive

Open Houses can get busy, but try to greet people when they enter the front door. It sets a welcoming tone, gives you a chance to introduce yourself and also gives them an opportunity to ask questions about the house. Take it a step further and register them into your CRM right there on your iphone or ipad! This is another way to set yourself apart (and it looks pretty cool, too).


  1. Ask This Question

After you greet your guests and introduce yourself, ask if they’d like you to send them property alerts. Explain that Zillow and other sites sometimes have old information and you can provide them updated, real time information. Open House attendees are usually pretty interested in this information, so remember to ask 🙂


  1. Let Them Explore

Now that they’ve checked in and asked a few questions, let them go on their own to explore the house. Let them get comfortable looking around and imagining themselves in the house. You’ll notice clues when they’re ready to wrap up and this is an excellent time to “bond” with them. Ask what they liked, didn’t like, etc. and be sure to thank them for coming to your Open House.


  1. Follow-Up

Send out a personal follow-up email that evening to everyone who came to the Open House thanking them for coming and ask it they had any feedback. It’s a quick and easy way nurture the relationships that were formed.


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