How to Leverage Your Listings to Attract More Buyers

There are many ways to attract buyers, but you may be overlooking three easy ways to get their attention. We live in such a busy, loud and chaotic world- how can you grab a buyer’s attention? Discover how to leverage your listings to get more buyer activity!

leverage your listings

Internet Portals

There are many online platforms where you can promote your listings, but the biggest three are, Zillow and Trulia.

You may not realize that if you’re not paying for a subscription to, they will not add your profile information to your listings. So, if someone were to click on one of your listings and you’re not paying for the service, they are going to send that lead to someone who is paying for the service. bases their fee off of how many listings that you have, so if you’re a newer agent, it’s usually around $50-60/month. This is a pretty inexpensive investment to get started and is definitely a great way to bring in some leads.

Zillow and Trulia have similar plans where they will allow other realtors to be showcased on your listing if you are not a paying subscriber. You’ll want to be exclusive on your listings or else potential leads can easily click on another agent…on your listing! A recent study revealed that 85% of buyers click on the default agent. Be sure that you are the only agent listed on your listing so they don’t have an opportunity to click on the default agent. Contact Zillow or Trulia to see how much their services are and what they entail.

Side note- there is about a 25% conversion rate when using one of these platforms. That is a pretty significant rate and is definitely worth looking into to get leads.

Key Takeaway

If you’re building your listings, make sure you’re utilizing these portals to be exclusive and achieve the best conversion rates.


Open Houses

This is another great way to leverage your listings to meet potential buyers. And, it’s free! When people come to Open Houses, it means they have moved off of the internet and want to see the house in “real life”. It’s a great chance to meet these lookers who may not have found an agent yet.

Be sure to check them in when they arrive and ask if you can set them up with property alerts. It’s a great idea to follow-up with them later that evening and ask for feedback from the Open House. If they respond to that email, ask what they’re looking for and if they need an agent.

Side note- there is about a 5% conversion rate when conducting Open Houses. The great part is that they’re pretty much free leads!

Key Takeaway

Host Open Houses often. Promote them well, be prepared and keep them short, about an hour and a half. Sellers love the exposure and you can potentially pick up buyers- it’s a win-win!


Social Media

There are many social media platforms these days and don’t feel the need to conquer all of them. Pick one or two and master them, if you want to try more after that, go for it. The #1 social platform that you should be actively using to promote your business is Facebook. It’s the big gorilla in the room with 2 billion active users. Yep, billion.

Post your listings (preferably with nice, professional pictures) and send them to a landing page to capture their information. If you don’t have a landing page in place, use Dalton Wade’s – it has an IDX and lead capture.

Consider boosting your posts or paid ads. You can get a lot of bang for your buck and reach thousands for less than $20.

Key Takeaway

Everyone is on social media and you should be, too.

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