Utilizing the kvCORE Marketplace

The kvCORE Marketplace is a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions in one place to drive your real estate business forward. The Marketplace enables you to tailor kvCORE with the ideal solutions to effortlessly build, nurture, and convert your clients through automation. Combined with kvCORE, Marketplace enhances your productivity and helps you close more deals. The kvCORE Marketplace tools help you run successful paid advertising programs, with options such as Google Pay-Per-Click, Facebook Advertising & Re-targeting, and optimized listing marketing, allowing you to effortlessly generate new leads while maximizing ROI.

Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting Marketplace integrations available to you as a Dalton Wade agent using kvCORE:

Property Boost: Increase your efficiency by letting kvCORE handle the setup of your Facebook ads, targeting the audience you chose to optimize advertising on your behalf, and landing you more leads. You’ll capture your lead with an expertly set up targeted ad, and then set them up on a nurturing plan in your CRM, which drives them to your website and starts a conversation with them.

Starting at $45/3 day ad: The most popular ad runs for 7-days and costs $60. This can generate 8 -10 leads depending on the geography. PropertyBoost increases the visibility of your listing and delivers leads directly into your database.

Leads 360 Buyer & Leads 360 Seller: This is a growth marketing package that includes Google and Facebook lead generation plus live concierge support to engage and qualify new leads in your pipeline. A kvCORE digital strategy expert will partner with you to accomplish your lead generation goals. You’ll be guided to use a refined combination of targeting and keywords, driving the most relevant audiences to your website. You’ll work with kvCORE to deploy ads appearing on Facebook, targeting prospective buyers in your market. A kvCORE concierge can qualify your leads in under 3 minutes and nurture these opportunities for up to one year. On average, 25% of these leads have conversations with agents.

Nosy Neighbor: Automate farming in your exclusive ZIP code and become the neighborhood’s go-to real estate expert. With Nosy Neighbor, you’ll receive personalized postcards, targeted emails, and highly specific display advertising. Capture local leads effortlessly through dynamic marketing that targets likely sellers based on active listings and recent sales in the ZIP code of your choice. Once you choose your zip code, kvCORE will send out 300 personalized postcards in which homeowners can scan the postcard QR code to get a home value report on your personalized landing page. This connects them directly with you and adds them to your Smart CRM.

Newsletters & Blogs: Boost your visibility and stay seamlessly connected with your database using kvCORE’s automated newsletter service. Custom monthly newsletters will engage your audience and keep you top of mind. These newsletters enable you to share relevant blog content, market reports, and specific calls to action with your contacts. First, you’ll choose a design, then choose a blog type. kvCORE will give you 2 new blogs each month! You can also let the system automate your newsletter distribution, or send it out to your contacts yourself.

Smart Number: Your Personalized Smart Number is a dedicated VOIP (voice over IP) phone line linked directly to your kvCORE account, offering a streamlined communication solution tailored just for you. This unique number directs calls and texts straight to you, eliminating the need to share personal contact details. A Personal Smart Number ensures seamless client engagement while maintaining privacy and efficiency. Place your smart number on marketing materials to start getting calls routed to your cell phone. You can contact leads via calling, texting, and short coding using your smart number to track communication directly back into your Smart CRM.