New Year = New Career? Tips for New Realtors

So, you’ve chosen to become a realtor in 2021! Congratulations!

Here’s a few quick tips on how you can invest in yourself and create a brand based on your new real estate business.

  1. Put Your Best “Foot” Forward

Your online footprint is important – being professional matters. Take some time to reflect on how you’re going to present your professional self online. Remember, when someone googles you, you want to be sure the search results represent who you are. 

2) Create A Logo for Your Real Estate Business and Brand Yourself

Set yourself a part right off the bat with a logo! Have an awesome idea? A graphic designer or a friend who is savy at online design can help you. Don’t be shy to ask – these are the important questions. Make your business become a brand, and brand all aspects of your real estate profession. Create consistency and originality on social media. Separate your personal social media profiles from your business. Make your LinkedIn reflect your current career change. Update your information frequently online, stayed engaged and current. Also, begin to invest in business cards and print materials to compliment your online business presence. 

3) Team up with Photographers

Photography is your friend. Get to know local photographers that are well-versed in real estate photography. This will not only help you down the line when selling, but also helps you build your own portfolio. 

4) Your Sphere is Your Friend – No pun intended!

Begin by spreading the word that you’re now a real estate agent. Your friends and family will help. Word of mouth is always, at the end of the day, the best thing to get your business going. 

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