Life Just Got Easier – Transaction Coordinators Are Here!

Being a realtor is a lot of work. Your work day isn’t the 9-5. You don’t “shut off” at a certain hour. You work around the clock to deliver the best experience possible for your clients. At Dalton Wade, we are a team that understands how much you have going on. In the context of 2020, we could all use something that makes our lives easier. Enter the Dalton Wade Transaction Team. Immediately increase your productivity by using a Dalton Wade Real Estate Group Transaction Coordinator (TC).  All Dalton Wade TC’s are licensed with the company and have been trained in Dalton Wade’s “Best Compliance Practices”.  A Dalton Wade TC will devout approximately 10-15 hours on your file, allowing you to spend time on high value real estate activities.  The cost is $395 a transaction for both listing side and buyer side transactions and is only paid if the transaction closes.  DWTC Sandy notes, “Hiring a Transaction Coordinator helps to take your business to the next level. With my experience in the Real Estate Industry and strong emphasis on technology I can assist in ensuring all contract timelines for earnest money, contingencies and due diligence are met. I will assist with reminders on upcoming deadlines.” Let’s face it, paperwork can seriously slow you down. DWTC Pam agrees: “Quit chasing paperwork and focus on selling, and I will take care of the rest. Using a transaction coordinator to handle the repetitive tasks involved with closing a transaction allows you to become more effective, appear more professional to your clients, and frees you from the minutia; i.e., gathering documentation & signatures, calling clients, completing paperwork, following up on contract terms & requirements, etc.” Tyler puts is very simply: “Time is money, so let me save you time while you make more money!” Want to learn more? Meet your DWTC here.