5 Clever Closing Gifts – Because, Why Not? It’s Time To Celebrate!

It can be a rocky road for most to get to that point where they finally get to close. You and your clients have gone through a lot; during that process, you’ve likely gotten to know each other. A closing gift isn’t just another thing to do – it’s a great way to stand out, be remembered and to celebrate an exciting milestone in your clients life and your career as well. You’ve both grown during the experience, so why not celebrate a little!

  1. Subscriptions: If you’re really stuck on what to get for your clients, try a subscription! Maybe it’s a wine-of-the-month club, or gourmet-to-go themed deliveries. Think of something someone wants, but wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves.
  2. Custom Kitchenwares: The possibilities are endless here! Perhaps, it’s monogrammed cutting boards – Maybe it’s state-pride themed drink coasters? Whatever you decide, you cannot go wrong with something for the kitchen.
  3. Property Protection: Think Smart Code Locks! The perfect gift paired with celebratory beverages.
  4. Local Coffee Gift Sets: Who doesn’t love coffee? It’s housewarming and thoughtful. Plus, you can support local business. Check out Buddy Brew!
  5. Customized Key Holder: This one from Etsy does the trick! Do they have pets? Make it pet themed.