Matchmaking – The Real Estate Way!

Ever dreamt of being matched with the perfect home buyer? Cue LemonBrew, the, “…intersection of technology and purpose helping fill the gap in the real estate market by matching financially vetted and motivated buyers with expert and responsive Real Estate Agents” – just like YOU. That’s right, all you have to do is follow a few steps, record an engaging video and LemonBrew does their matchmaking magic! LemonBrew recommends having a complete and accurate profile, giving you a much better chance of getting matched with a buyer or seller. So, what makes the most engaging video?

  1. Good Lighting – Make sure everyone can you see clearly, and the lighting you’re using is natural light.
  2. A picturesque background – Outside or at Desk, make sure it’s not too distracting, but still compliments you.
  3. A professional appearance – Put your best foot forward! Dress for success…and feel comfortable!
  4. SMILE! In your video, showcase your best self. Be smile, be warm and be someone a buyer would want to work with…sounds obvious, but it’s simple!

LemonBrew is one of 8 programs, a part of our Business Builder Program.