A Day In The Life Of A Real Estate Agent

Written by: Dalton Wade Agent Yami Pastor Rodriguez

Do you ever feel like your clients probably wonder what a real estate agent does all day, every day? We’ve been there!  It’s pretty hard to summarize in just a few paragraphs, but here is the rundown on what agents are doing every day to help customers find the home of their dreams (or sell a property) and ensure things run smoothly for people as our valued customers.

 Lighting Fast Response Time. Agents are “on the clock” no matter where they are. In an instant-response society, buyers or sellers won’t wait long for an answer or they will find another agent.  So, we monitor our phone calls, texts and emails constantly to ensure fast, quality responses to our customers’ needs.  You never know when the right property is right around the corner for someone.

We Watch Inventory.  Houses are bought, sold, and taken off the market hourly if not daily. Agents must be on top of the MLS every day to ensure their clients don’t miss their dream home! We customize property searches to suit your needs and edit them as we go if required to ensure you find the perfect place, even if your tastes or preferences change along the way.

We Maintain Our Lead Database.  A great agent has a well-organized database of “leads” (or buyers and sellers) that they are constantly monitoring. We add new potential clients often and set reminders for ourselves to follow up with “now” clients and even past clients to keep in touch.  Getting you to closing is only half our goal, we want to ensure you are happy in your property for years to come and want to keep in touch in the hopes of helping out your friends and family in the future as well!

Marketing.  Agents devote thought and resources to each piece of marketing they produce.  This includes our websites, newsletters, postcards, videos, social media posts, property ads, etc. We want to ensure our sellers especially are satisfied with the way their properties are marketed and presented to the public to get them the most buyers in the fastest amount of time.

We Are Constantly Scheduling.  Open houses, showings, listing appointments, house-hunting itineraries- this is all in a day’s work for a real estate agent.  If a buyer wants to see many homes in one day, we have to organize the list by geographic location and gage time slots by seller availability to ensure everything runs smoothly from home to home and you aren’t too rushed at a showing (or have too much time before the next appointment).

We Go To Bat For You. Negotiations can be quick or go on for weeks.  During that time, agents must ensure that everyone is doing their part to make the deal happen. This is a big part of what we do- negotiating cordial, mutually beneficial solutions between both parties to make sure everyone is happy with the compromise.  If any sticky situation gums up the works, it’s an agent’s job to find new paths to get the job done. 

We Attend Appointments For You From Contract To Close. After we get you under contract or list your home, our work has only just begun! We still coordinate meetings with our buyers and sellers, lenders, and title companies.  Not to mention home inspectors, property appraisers, contractors, home stagers, professional photographers, handymen for repairs, etc. And when it’s time to close – we schedule and attend your closing to congratulate you on a very important event in your life that we were honored to be a part of.

Written by: Dalton Wade Agent Yami Pastor Rodriguez