How to Use Facebook Live to Get Leads

You are probably (hopefully) already using Facebook to promote your real estate business and get leads, but, are you using this one effective tool? It’s easy to use, free and can generate a ton of leads. It’s the Live feature on Facebook. Discover how this simple tool on the biggest social media platform can help increase your leads and grow your real estate business today!

facebook live

How to Use Facebook Live

It’s important to note that you can go Live on either your personal or business page, but we advise using your business page because you can “boost” or advertise it. (More on that later).


To use the Live feature on your phone, simply click the icon that says Publish. Once the new window pops up, click the second option that says Live Video. As soon as you press that button, you are live! Pretty simple, right? Now, what should you talk about? Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Host a live Q + A

You can target this to either buyers or sellers, depending on which one you’re wanting to work with. You can include details on the process what documents they’ll need, important dates and/or other tips on making it a smooth transaction. Or, you can make these more general and not as targeted. It’s a nice, casual way to start conversations and build relationships.


And don’t worry, the more you “Go Live”, the easier it will become. It’s always slightly scary the first few times that you do it, but remember people really aren’t judging and it will get easier!


Exclusive home tour

You can showcase your listings and generate buyer interest by doing a live home tour. Take your time and show people the house. It’s an easy way to get a lot of eyes on the property and to generate some leads. Consider spending a few bucks and “boost” the live video.


Note: “Boosting” is when you spend money and create a target market in Facebook. When you do that, Facebook promotes your post to the people that you target. It shows it to more people than when it is organic on your page. You get to decide how much to spend, how long you want to spend it and what demographics and/or location you want the ad to be promoted to. Learn more here:


Anytime Open House

Similar to above, this event is when you showcase your listing at an Open House. You can get detailed and show off the attributes of the house and also video the activity going on at your Open House. If people can’t make it, they can still see what’s going on and contact you for a private showing when they’re available. You can also share this multiple times and/or upload new videos each time you host an Open House. This is a great way to meet more buyers.


Real Estate education

When you stream a topic like this you can really explain to buyers or sellers what you’re going to do for them in a real estate transaction. You can share with them how you’re going to help them achieve their goals. Kick it up a notch and ask a lender, inspector and title company to join you.


Each participant can showcase their expertise and also spread awareness of their services. Encourage them to share this on their social channels as well. Use this opportunity to cover certain topics people need help with and you’ll start to grow those relationships and establish yourself as a trusted expert. Another perk, all of these live videos are permanent (unless you delete them), so they will live on your page and people can find you when they’re looking for answers. (Expert tip: Take this a step further and share it on your Youtube channel (another free tool) or create a blog out of your video content- having this content in multiple places increases the chances of people finding you online!)



Track your results. See what works best. Do you get more views on a home tour vs. educational content? More leads from a virtual Open House or a traditional Open House? Measuring your results will help you figure out what’s working and you can then concentrate your efforts on those elements to grow your business.


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