The First Meeting With Your Buyer- How To Make A Great First Impression

How can you make a first great impression with your potential buyer? It’s not as hard as you think! Follow our steps below for a successful first meeting with your buyer!

First Meeting with Your Buyer

Be There Early & Look Professional

Similar to an Open House, you want to get to the property early (15-20 minutes before appointment) so you have a few minutes to open up the house, turn the lights on and take a quick look around. People tend to assume that you will know everything about this certain house, but we all know this is not the case. Getting there early and looking around will give you some insight and familiarity to the house before the buyer arrives. Be sure to print out the house information sheet and have it ready so they can take it (along with your contact info) with them when they leave. And, as always, dress and act professionally- it really helps grow that credibility with your clients.


The Tour

After some small talk and  introductions, take them on a tour through the house. Make sure you point out big ticket items such as the roof, A/C system, plumbing, windows, etc. If there is anything wrong with anything in the house, be sure to point it out. We call this “showing the bad”. While you want to highlight the good aspects, you also want to be honest and transparent about the not-so-good aspects as well. Don’t worry about losing the clients by showing the bad points, it will help cultivate a trusting relationship.


The Discussion


Most likely, the first house or even first few aren’t going to be “the one”. It can happen, but it’s rare. But, don’t lose momentum with your clients – explain to them how you’re going to help them throughout the whole home-buying process. For example, explain to them the comps you’re going to prepare, the permits you’re going to research and how you review the seller disclosures for them.


Also, let them know that you’re representing them and you have their best interests at heart. You’ll listen to their wants and needs for their new home. Sometimes we think we know exactly what our clients want. But, that’s not always the case. While you have great intentions and are trying to make it easy for them to find their dream home, make sure you are listening to what they are telling you.


Follow these easy steps and you’ll both enjoy a great first meeting experience!  


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