How to Convert Internet Leads

Do you use platforms such as or Zillow to get internet leads? They’re both great sources to get leads, but you’ll still need to do some leg work to convert leads into clients. Let’s take a deeper look and discover ways to increase conversion rates!

convert internet leads

The Facts


85% of people that are looking at real estate online, default click on a property. This means that they assume that when they click on a property, they will contact the listing agent. But, this is not the case. When they click on the property on Zillow or, they actually become leads and are filtered out to different real estate agents. If you are paying either of these platforms, the lead will go to you, but if you’re just listed on the site, they will sometime arm these leads out to paying agents.


Ways to Convert Leads into Clients


  • Call the lead immediately! (AKA Speed to Lead) A lot of people won’t answer because they don’t recognize the number, so be sure to leave a message. After calling, text and email the lead. If you don’t get a response, do it again the following day. (Pro tip- check out this strategy: 10 days of pain).


  • Set-up a CRM system- this allows you to organize your contacts, set-up drip campaigns and keep track of what is going with each lead. If you call, text or email them- make a note of their circumstances, timeline, it is in your system. This way you can see when you contacted them last and decide the next appropriate time to contact them..


  • Set-up To-Do’s- these can also be done in your CRM (Boomtown) dashboard. It’s a way of setting up reminders for yourself to follow-up with leads, appointments and/or any other administrative tasks that need to be done. (If you do not have Boomtown, consider using another task management program such as Asana or Trello).


  • Property alerts- many people that contact you will not be ready to buy at that moment. Setting up property alerts is a great way to nurture that relationship and let them know that you are still looking for properties that match their criteria and have their best interests in mind..


  • Pay attention to people’s behavior- even though they may not be responding to your calls, texts or emails, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. They are probably just not ready. Check your dashboard and see if they’re opening your emails or visiting your site to look at property. You will be able to get valuable insights and know when to contact them by paying attention to this information.


  • Watch how you present yourself. Did you know that Zillow records all calls? In a recent study, they found that about 70% of real estate agents were negative, dreary and overall seemed annoyed to be talking to a lead. Don’t be like that! This could be a great client! Be bubbly, helpful and positive 🙂 This will help build the relationship with your potential client.


In all honesty, most internet leads are not great, about 19 out of 20 don’t work out. But try not to get discouraged about the 19 bad ones and think about the 1 good one that could turn into a great transaction.


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