The 4 Horsemen of Real Estate Success

Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned agent, there are four pillars that you can do often to increase your chances of real estate success. Read on to learn what they are and start using them today to grow your business!

real estate success

“Great agents are always prospecting” ~Unknown



It’s a good rule of thumb to spend about an hour a day prospecting. You can reach out to expired listings, FSBO’s or withdrawn listings. Research and contact these prospects to start building a relationship with them.


When you call the FSBO’s ask them two questions:

  1. Why are they selling?
  2. Why aren’t they using a realtor?


They will usually tell you that they don’t want to pay the commission of an agent and that’s when you can open up the conversation of negotiating commissions with them. Normally, we wouldn’t advocate coming down in commission, but sometimes it can be a great way to attract more buyers


People used to prospect by knocking on doors, but this is not the most efficient way of gaining new prospects and it can take a much longer period of time. Contacting people that have recently shown they are interested in selling will speed up that process.

Internet Leads

You can’t ignore internet leads any longer…and it’s because they work. There are many platforms out there such as Zillow or Be sure to create a good strategy to follow-up with your internet leads and it will really pay off. You’ll also need a good CRM to keep everything organized and flowing smoothly.


Sphere of Influence

This would be your family, friends and referral partners (lenders, inspectors, title companies, etc.). Be sure to engage with them and keep up with them. There are other ways to work with your sphere like wearing your REALTOR ® pin to spark a conversation in line at your local grocery store or make it a habit to hand out 3 business cards a day. Over a year, that would be 1,095 cards handed out. Surely that will help you achieve 24 transactions a year!


Social Media

Social media is a great way to incorporate a lot of what we’ve talked about so far- you can generate leads with good content and you can also engage and keep in touch with your sphere of influence. Take some time to make sure you’re “friends” or “following” people in your sphere.


You can also utilize tools like Facebook live to reach more people who don’t know about you and/or boost listings for a broader reach. Providing educational and informational content to establish yourself as a local expert will start to build credibility.


Create a dedicated and conscious decision to spend some time each day doing this and it will really pay off in the long run!


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