How to Effectively Use Boomtown CRM

Here at Dalton Wade, we are big supporters of Boomtown CRM. It is very user-friendly and keeps all of your information in one place, allowing you to get back to doing what you’re great at- being a fantastic realtor.

Even if you don’t utilize Boomtown, the tips in this blog can be applied to other CRMs such as Kunversion, Top Producer, REThink or any other CRM that you use.

Follow these simple tips to utilize your CRM and grow your business:

Call any lead within 5 minutes

When people are looking at houses, they want that information at that moment. If you call them within 5 minutes of getting notified, you will be able to reach them before they lose patience and go on to the next realtor in line. Be friendly and helpful- ask them what information they want about that house or if they’re looking in any other areas. Make sure to ask when you can take them to see the house.

If they don’t answer- leave a message, don’t just keep calling repeatedly.

Many people aren’t ready to buy, so they don’t want to talk on the phone. After leaving a message, send a text and a follow-up email letting them know you’ll be sending them information on the listing and other properties you think they may be interested in.

Create a to-do

After you call the lead, next you’ll need to set-up a to-do in Boomtown so that you can start communicating with them, set-up an alert to send them similar properties that come on the market and start a drip campaign to begin building that relationship.

If they don’t respond after a few weeks, archive (NEVER delete) them and follow-up monthly to see if anything has changed.

Set a Daily Routine

Getting a daily routine in place will help you grow your business faster. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started:

  • In the morning (perhaps over your morning coffee:) check your NOWS- the leads that came in overnight.
    • Write down the MLS # and find a few similar and send it over to them.
    • Ask when you can take them see the house(s)
    • This helps grow that relationship and get them off the platform to work with you
    • Show them customer service- it’s not that hard to do a little extra to show them you are going to put them first!


  • Write down a list of who you need to call that day
    • Lenders
    • Your clients
    • Inspectors
    • Other agents on the deal


  • Check email at certain times of the day
    • Block out a few times throughout the day to check your email
    • Many times people get distracted and react to emails all day which can lead to not getting a lot done
    • These “fires” often resolve themselves and by letting that happen, you are able to get more work done


  • Set one day a week as an admin day
    • No showings or listing appointments
    • Check in with your lender to make sure everything is on track for closing
    • Get organized for the week
    • Schedule your social media posts for a week
    • Spend time prospecting
    • Tour houses so you have the most up to date information of what’s on the market


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