How to Successfully Follow Up with Internet Leads

It may seem like common sense to follow-up with any leads that you get via your website or social media, but for some reason, they often fall through the cracks. We’ve compiled a list of 6 tips to follow-up with your leads so that you can build and nurture those relationships, and, ultimately increase your sales!

follow up with internet leads

Ways to Convert Leads into Clients


Set-up a CRM system- this allows you to organize your contacts, set-up drip campaigns and keep track of what is going with each lead. If you call, text or email them- make a note of it in your system. This way you can see when you contacted them last and decide the next appropriate time to contact them. Boomtown is great for this, but if you’re not using Boomtown, there are many others out there.


Set-up To-Do’s- these can also be done in your Boomtown dashboard. It’s a way of setting up reminders for yourself to follow-up with leads, appointments and/or any other administrative tasks that need to be done. (If you do not have Boomtown, consider using another task management program such as Asana or Trello).


Property alerts- many people that contact you will not be ready to buy at that moment. Setting up property alerts is a great way to nurture that relationship and let them know that you are still looking for properties that match their criteria and have their best interests in mind. This can be done in Boomtown or the MLS My Matrix.


Bonus Tips


Timing can change quickly- you want to be there and be the first agent they think of when they are ready to buy.


Go the extra mile- including videos of homes, buyer tips,design ideas, etc. really make an impact and they don’t take a ton of time to do. People will remember the extra things you did for them and will appreciate that when it’s their time to buy.


Pay attention to people’s behavior- even though they may not be responding to your calls, texts or emails, that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. They are probably just not ready. Check your dashboard and see if they’re opening your emails or visiting your site to look at property. You will be able to get valuable insights by paying attention to this information.


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What Happens If You Don’t Follow-Up?


You will lose money. It’s as simple as that. You may think that a lead isn’t worth pursuing because they are not responding, but they could end up being an exceptional client- just not at this time. Since following up and keeping in touch is such a simple and quick process, you should make the effort to do so. If they tell you they’re not at all interested, unsubscribe or do not open any emails over a period of time- those would be good reasons to stop pursuing them. But, at least try in the beginning and over the next several months and see what happens.

Want to hear two real life stories about what can happen if you do and also, do not follow up on leads? Check out our training video here.

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