How To Make a Good Impression on Your First Meeting with a Buyer

So you’ve been communicating back and forth with your buyer online, but now it’s time to meet them and show them the property they are interested in. How do you make this first meeting go as smoothly as possible? Easy! Follow our steps below for a successful first meeting!


first meeting with a buyer


Be There Early

Similar to an Open House, you want to get to the property early (15-20 minutes before appointment) so you have a few minutes to open up the house, turn the lights on and take a quick look around. This way, you are settled and have a sense of familiarity with the house before your buyer arrives. Be sure to print out the house information sheet and have it ready so they can take it (along with your contact info) with them when they leave. And, as always, dress and act professionally- it really helps grow that trust with your clients.


The Arrival

When your buyer arrives, be sure to meet and greet them at the front door. It helps to build rapport and create a friendly and relaxed setting. After introductions, take them through the house. Make sure you point out big ticket items such as the roof, A/C system, windows, etc. If there is anything wrong with anything in the house, be sure to point it out. Be transparent as possible and this will help cultivate a trusting relationship.



Sometimes we think we know exactly what our clients want. But, that’s not always the case. While you have great intentions and are trying to make it easy for them to find their dream home, make sure you are listening to what they are telling you. They will let you know exactly what they want in a home. Then, research houses that fit their requirements. Don’t waste your time and theirs looking for properties that don’t match their needs.


Show Your Value

Most likely, the first house or even first few aren’t going to be “the one”. Don’t lose momentum with  your clients – explain to them how you’re going to help them throughout the whole home-buying process. For example, tell them about the comps you’re going to prepare, how you review the seller disclosures for them and that you will avail them to your network of lenders and inspectors. Then, before parting, schedule your next meeting with them.


Meeting your buyer for the first time doesn’t need to be stressful, follow these easy steps and you’ll both enjoy a great experience!


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